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Rolf de Marés Dansmuseum


Dansmuseet’s new premises

Welcome to Rolf de Marés museum of dance, theatre, art and photography – a movement into the future.

Welcome to a collage, a “wunderkammer”, a treasure chest from Rolf’s  collections.

Come to Bali, Java, Siri Lanka, Japan, Thailand, China, Africa, India, Sumatra, North America and places and times you have never explored. Meet Paris in the company of Jean Börlin and Les Ballets Suedois.

Acquaint yourself with Ballet Russes, Sergei Diaghliev, Jean Cocteau, Fernand Legér, Audrey Paw, Charlie Chaplin, Julia Pastrana, Paul Claudel, Vaslav Nijinskij, Madame Dagui, Anna Pavlova, Léon Bakst and many, many more. It is a time trip not ending in the past but continuing from the present into the future.

This is a journey which will change with each visit and with your active participation with not only your eyes, ears, hands and feet but following your heart as Rolf did.


opening hours


Tuesday–Sunday 11.00-17.00.


Tuesday–Sunday 11.00–17.00.

Entrance fee

80 SEK Adult
60 SEK Children & Seniors
Up to 18 year Admission free

Rolf de Maré Study Center

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Tuesday–Saturday 11.00-23.00
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