Sleeping Beauties – dreams and costumes

The Russian ballet in Paris 1909-1929 is being shown at Dance museum´s, Galerie Rolf de Maré, the hall for temporary exhibitions. The Dance museum has the world´s second largest collection of costumes from the legendary Russian ballet in Paris that, during twenty years (1909-1929), made ballet fashionable and influenced an entire world, not just in the theater, but also in home decor, fashion etc. – and exceeded gender boundaries.

Ballet stars like Vaslav Nijinsky and Anna Pavlova and set and costume designers like León Bakst achieved a cult-like status comparable to today´s rock stars. The Russian ballet´s fireworks of color, form and sensuality were reflected in their magnificent costumes. The leader of the ballet Sergei Diaghilev ran everything with an iron fist, guided by his good taste and his eye and ear for bringing the best artists together.

Charles Koroly invites us into a dream world, through a Russian birch forest with objects, pictures and voices from the past, towards a scenic fantasy where we can see ourselves in the costumes that were created by Léon Bakst, Giorgio de Chirico, Mikhail Larionov and Henri Matisse. In the exhibition, there are some recently acquired costumes never shown before.


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