17 February – 31 August 2019

Kabukinō and jingju? Masks, stage models, shadow-play and rod puppets, costumes and visual art from Japan, China and Tibet. Mythological forms, such as the sun goddess Amaterasu, as well as historical heroes and legendary villains, appear in this living tradition that still produces theatre and dance in these countries.

Fairy tales and legends, as well as depictions of military achievements and defeats, are brought to life as dramatic art. Some of the objects have survived miraculously, for example the hundred-year-old Chinese rod-puppet theatre that was used by an itinerant group of performers and which now forms part of the Dansmuseet collections.

Ghosts, Generals and Goddesses presents some of the foremost articles that Rolf de Maré (1888–1964) acquired during his extensive journeys in Asia, and which now form a unique collection. The exhibition describes and explains traditional forms of theatre and dance, such as kabuki, nō, gagaku, jingju and other local Chinese theatrical forms.

There are stage models of kabuki and gagaku, as well as a rod-puppet theatre from China and costumes from ritual dances in Tibet. Old and new films complete the experience of viewing the objects.

The fascinating and highly detailed stage models, embroidered silk fabrics and wood engravings – and many diverse faces – demonstrate the exquisite handcraft. We invite everyone with an interest in Asia, dance, theatre and ancient objects steeped in history. Younger visitors can even make their own shadow-play puppets.

The exhibition is produced by Dansmuseet in collaboration with Karl-Gustav Jönsson, Christina Nygren, Christina Tengnér and Constance af Trolle.


Photography: Linn Cederborg, Dansmuseet. The image shows a detail of a rod puppet.


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