Now available! Get more out of your visit to Dansmuseet with our digital guide. Use it by following the red footsteps that leads you through the exhibition. The only thing you need is a smart device and a set of earphones. Click on one of the audio tracks below to start. If you have any questions, contact the museum staff. Enjoy!

We offer free WiFi to our guests:
Network: Guest-Dansmuseet
Password: Dansmuseet

Language: English
Narrator: Carla Alexandra

The digital guide is produced by Dansmuseet 2017.

1. Welcome… (03:15)

2. Classical ballet… (01:22)

3. The Russian Ballet… (01:30)

4. Rolf’s expedition… (01:07)

5. Japan… (01:26)

6. Africa… (01:22)

7. Les Ballets Suédois… (02:08)

opening hours

Tuesday–Friday 11.00-17.00
Saturday–Sunday 12.00-16.00
Mondays closed

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