Sunday March 11 and April 8

16.00–17.00 Introduction workshop: Argentinian tango

17.00–20.00 Milonga open dance floor


Milonga is a social dance meeting connected to Argentinian tango. Invite someone up with a suave “cabeceo” nod of the head, and lose yourself in the flow of the “la ronda” dance.

Argentinian tango developed in Buenos Aires at the end of the 19th century and became popular in Europe in the 1920s. In the last ten years, tango has enjoyed a fresh resurgence in popularity. The Milonga at Dansmuseet opens with a one-hour introduction to tango for beginners under the guidance of Ernesto Garzón from Tango Amor. Throughout the evening, rhythmic Argentinian tango will be performed in classic dance arrangements.

Read more: tangoamor.se 

Ticket price: 120 SEK
No pre-booking




Life drawing – models in motion

Wednesdays 17.30 – 19.30

March 14 WEST AFRICAN DANCE Klara Berggren & Seydouba ”ZONO” Keïta
March 21 SWING Patrik Pettersson
March 28 MODERN DANCE Elsa Sjögren
April 4  HIPHOP Angelo Henriquez
April 11 BALLET Carolina Larsson
April 18 FLAMENCO Josefine Chiacchiero

Capture a dancer’s expressions, rhythm and energy on paper! Life drawing with models in motion is a creative challenge to inspire both beginners and experienced drawers alike.

Performers: One or two dancers
Price: 120 SEK
Bring your own material. No pre-booking.

Most welcome!


ScreenDance Festival 2018

Thursday April 24th – Sunday April 29th

ScreenDance Festival is screening independent dance films from around the world. Welcome to the 5th edition of ScreenDance Festival at Dansmuseet in Stockholm! Enjoy the selected films for free Tuesday April 24th – Sunday April 29th. We welcome you to the Festival 2018!

Free admission

Dansmuseet: Drottninggatan 17, Stockholm. Get your free ticket to the screenings by useing the code “SDF2018” in the museum cashier.

Schedule at Dansmuseet:

Tuesday April 24th – Friday April 27th  
11.00–17.00 (Nonstop) Breaking 8 (Italy) and Festival de  Videodanza de Palm (Spain)
Friday April 27th  
19.00–22.00 Mingle with the filmmakers at Bistro Rolf de Maré. Come and enjoy the evening with us!
Saturday April 28th  
12.00–16.00 (Nonstop) International Selection: SHORTS 1.
17.00–17.50 Opening
19.30–20.30 Dance films that challenge body norms in different ways
20.30–21.00 Q&A with the filmmakers Sima Gonsai, Helene Karabuda and Felipe Lira
Sunday April 29th  
12.00–16.00 (Nonstop) International Selection: SHORTS 2
17.00–18.00 International Selection: SHORTS 3
18.30–18.45 1-Minute Selection
19.00–20.00 International Selection: SHORTS 4
20.00–21.30 Swedish Selection and winner announcement

Extra at Dansmuseet: 
Virtual Reality 360°
Experience 360° at ScreenDance Festival! We will present two Virtual Reality 360° dance films: Screening Saturday and Sunday 15.00 – 16.00 and in between the evening program.

Screenings GIF_Dance selection (nonstop) at the Dansmuseet hallway.


ScreenDance Festival 2018 is organized in collaboration with Dansmuseet and with the support of Stockholms Kulturförvaltning.

More information!

MUSEUM hours

Tuesday–Friday 11.00-17.00
Saturday–Sunday 12.00-16.00
Mondays closed


Adults 120 SEK
Seniors 80 SEK
Students 80 SEK
0–18 years Free admission

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111 51 Stockholm

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